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Newbie to the forum Empty Newbie to the forum

Post by spooky3369 25th June 2010, 00:52

with the permission of the mederator...

Name: Jazle DC
Age: 34 y/o
Call Sign: SPOOKY
Team: MISTAH, Mad Ad Osteo
Position: Member and Former Assistant Team Leader
Current Location: Dubai, UAE but will be in Alberta by September
Job: Office and IT Administrator

Umbrella Organization: UFAC-GAF (United Filipino Airsoft Club-Gulf Airsoft Federation)
Others: Organization Secretary

Hobbies: Airsoft (10years), Photography, etc

My family and I will be migrating to Canada by September. I'm looking forward in joining a team and playing airsoft in Canada.


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Newbie to the forum Empty Re: Newbie to the forum

Post by Guest 25th June 2010, 02:27

It would be an honor to have you join us!! Welcome to the Site Spooky! Newbie to the forum 239966


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Newbie to the forum Empty Re: Newbie to the forum

Post by Green Devil 25th June 2010, 07:14

Welcome Spooky.

Where in Alberta will you be moving to? Moving from Dubai to Canada in September..... You're very brave, lol. At that time of the year most of us Canucks are think about ways to escape to warmer climates.

If you end up moving around our area, we would be happy to have you join the club.

Oh, and I should mention a couple things (just in case you didn't know). You can't bring your airsoft guns into Canada with you. The government will seize and destroy them. Winter here can be very cold. The country is huge!! People are usually very friendly (except when winter comes). And best of all, we like to get together often for no reason other that to drink and have a good time.
Green Devil
Green Devil

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Newbie to the forum Empty Re: Newbie to the forum

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